Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's New: First State Films

You know those really typical films made by college students? A black and white feature paired with obvious metaphors matched with a Nickleback soundtrack?  This isn’t it. 

Meet Nate Riegel of First State Films. A junior at the University of Delaware, Riegel captures the college experience with a sincere and intimate twist.  Riegel started First State Films with just his brother and cousin with his first film “No Particular Place to Go”.  And from there, well, the whole brotherhood theme grew.  First State Films’ handsome male actors (ahem, to the right) are almost entirely members of Sigma Chi, Riegel’s fraternity. In fact, it was fellow Sigma Chi member, Will Rodowsky, who, having been a fan of "No Particular...," then collaborated with Riegel on
 his second film, "Come Dancing". 

Nate Riegel, ladies and gentlemen. 
       Let me be clear, this isn’t water down version of CollegeHumor. You’re not going to see guys like Tom, Matt, Mark, or Will crushing beers and banging chicks, bro. Just like how Riegel isn’t just some college kid with an iPhone filming parties. This 21 year old is able to brilliantly capture an extremely raw view of college life without getting caught in stereotypes.
 After watching “The Kells Avenue Christmas Special”, I asked him what inspired, and the answer surprised me. American Literature. Reigel says “It's so rooted in personal experience, just like my movies, and so I think of the world with authors like Sherwood Anderson, William Faulkner, Cormac McCarthy, and Herman Melville, all of whom have written about topics they were intimately acquainted with.”  And for those hoping to catch Nickleback on Riegel’s soundtrack. Guess again. He uses Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and the Drive-By Trucker’s for musical   inspiration.

Trust me, this is a guy to keep an eye out for.  Check out his trailer for his fourth and latest project. 

Want to see more of Nate's films? Check out my First State Films  Collection. 

Your Partner in Discovery,
Kat Healy