Thursday, June 30, 2011

Announcing Topiat “Find It For Me” Feature

We are excited to announce our latest feature for finding great content! Introducing the new Find It For Me feature. Now you can ask the topiat community to make recommendations to your specific requests. Interested in a new song, shoe style, or book to read that is like the ones you already like? Click on the brand new Find it For Me button located beneath each of your collections on your profile, and you can request exactly what you want based on what you already know you like. You can also respond to someone else's request if you have a good recommendation for them and rack-up recommendation points. Now instead of having to browse, you can get a personalized recommendation for something new and exciting from your fellow members. They may show you something you’ll love and help you discover all kinds of new content. Watch the video below to see the Find It For Me Feature in action. Enjoy!

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