Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet Notable Topiat User JohnCandyfan

JohnCandyfan sets the tone of his profile with a calming picture of a lake at dusk as if he were to say, "come, and enjoy this moment with me" made all the more convincing with his avatar of a friendly puppy. Who wouldn't want to come visit? And there are many curated moments to visit indeed. In addition to attractive photos of many varities, JohnCandyfan has tackled unique curatorial challenges such as One actor, One Movie where, as the title implies, he takes one actor and pairs him/her with one movie of note. From there, he opens up the horror genre with a selection of Great Serial killer Movies (where he is ranked 1st) and then makes a deeper sub-genre investigation with 70's horror. Haven't seen a classic action movie in awhile? Check out his cut of Great 90's action movies and Great 80's action movies.

Curation is limited only by your imagination and passions and it's exciting to see many passionate and creative people on topiat. I look forward to getting to know more of you.

1 comment:

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