Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Site Update #3

A third round of new features went live on topiat today. These updates include:

Indexes on the Profile, Collection, and Edit Collection Pages: Profiles with lots of collections and collections with lots of content can become harder to navigate. Indexes solve this problem by providing easy access to all the content within.

Request Fulfilled: No more concise titles! The original intent behind concise titles was to allow more control over the text that displays when the content is in thumbnail format and less than 30 characters are displayed. It turned out to be more annoying than it was worth and, by popular request, we have removed it!

Collection Pages show how many "liked" and "not liked": The filters on the top of each collection page that allow you to view liked or not liked content in a collection now show how many pieces of content are either liked or not liked next to the filter.

"Delete" and "Edit" buttons: collection pages not have delete and edit buttons on the page itself, if you are the owner of that collection

Custom View on Content pages: now, if you view a piece of content you submitted, the option to edit/change picture appears on the content page itself and the option to rate it does not (as you've already rated it).

Google video embed support: Now those google videos, that sometime get served up by the video API, will display flawlessly.

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